Blue Sky


I haven’t been around as much as I like on the blogs and I hope I eventually have more time to myself again soon and  I hope I can visit you all again.  Life is extremely busy but good!

I did  manage to have a wonderful walk with friends as the sun was shining and Spring seems to be coming. I loved the blue sky , no cloud in sight:


I can see the pink and white blossoms coming, I love it.

Spring is here.

No more Winter coats.

I bought myself 2 new summer skirts…. I am ready for more warmth!

With all this blue sky the right music.. ELO- Mr Blue Sky


Have a wonderful blue sky, flowery, shiney day!

Sing and dance with the flowers!

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  1. The reason there was no cloud in sight is because they were all down my end being foggy 😉

    A lovely spring photo and I love that song. 🙂 Thank you for sharing Ute

  2. So great that you have spring already. I can’t wait for it to arrive here. We’ve had some spring teases – but – then we got hit with more cold & a splash of snow. Oh well…
    Enjoy your time away while you keep busy. And – keep enjoying your walks with friends. 🙂

  3. “Life is extremely busy but good!” What a wonderful thing that is Ute! Good for you. How wonderful, and may the balance return with a time of calm to sit, and relish the joy of it all. And then back to busy! Balance. Thanks for all you share Miss Smiley! Cheers, Gina

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