My wonderful “Papi”


It is already one year ago that my dad has left us to see us from heaven.

This year has gone so quick, I can’t believe it.

I am happy for him as he now has peace, is whole again, with the Lord.


This is for you Papi!

Thank you for being the best Papi in the world:

You always listened to us,

you always stood by us,

you always admired our new purchases,

you took us to wonderful holidays,

you let us try ice skating, tennis and other wonderful activities,

you never got tired of listening/enduring our piano practice,

you helped with our maths and physics homework,

you showed us how to be kind,

you showed us how to admire the little things in life,

you showed us love and gratitude!

Miss you and love you Papi, always!

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    • You say that as many people do, yes it is true, I think. Many say I look like him and I do have his patience and his calmness for sure. We always looked out for the little things together and his favourite flower was the “hortensia” and poppies, which I love too!
      Time goes too quick!

      • That’s wonderful. You have seen my hortensia photos, of course. One day, I will post on my beautiful little poppy vase. That will be a treat for both of you 😉 I am sure your father keeps an eye on you 🙂 and your blogging.

  1. I wonderful tribute, Ute. I can feel your heart in it. I still miss my dad every day. We were both very blessed to know our earthly dads for a time–now, both are with our Heavenly Father, and they are whole. That makes me smile when the missing him gets bad. Big hugs sent your way, Dear Friend. Love you.

  2. This is a most lovely & heartfelt tribute to your dad.
    And – now I see where your smile comes from too.
    May your Papi continue to rest in peace.
    Much love & many {hugs} to you dear Ute.

  3. Your Papi sounds like the kind of person I’d have been proud to have as a friend–as I am of you, Ute. I would have liked to have met him. Your post is a touching and beautiful tribute to him.

    • He was , Russ, and also as a friend. We used to have our little tea mornings on a Saturday morning, sitting in a coffee shop, having tea together, and enjoying a father to daughter conversation. I loved those mornings.

  4. Dear Ute! What a beautiful photo of your beloved dad! You both have the same kind smile! This is a wonderful tribute to him! It’s evident that you treasure him very much! You are a loving daughter!!

    God bless you!!
    ♥ carmen

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  6. Now I see where that glowing smile comes from. A lovely, heartfelt, detailed ode for your Dad…and maybe it’s Dads altogether, but at least 3 of those lines could apply to my very own recollections: the ice-skating, the piano, and physics…go figure…and as pertains to that last example…literally…;)

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