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The ABC of genuine happiness – I


ABC of genuine Happiness


I – Ignite your passion


  Ten Reasons Why You Should Find and Live Your Life Passion

1. You will feel happier, more energized, and more enthusiastic about life in general.

2. You will feel like something has finally “clicked” — that you are doing what you were meant to do.

3. Your relationships will improve because you will be a more attractive, interesting person.

4. You will be so engaged in what you are doing that time passes quickly.

5. You will be inspired to learn more, take more actions, broaden your perspective.

6. You will attract and encounter interesting, like-minded people who share your passion.

7. Feelings of anxiety, boredom, and depression will melt away.

8. You will have a sense of a larger purpose to your life.

9. Your priorities will shift for the better.

10. You will have more fun.


Nothing great in the world has neen accomplished without passion.

Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel

passion3One person can succeed at almost anythin for which they have unlimited enthusiasm.

Charles M. Schwab

One person with passion os better than forty people merely interested.  – E.M.Forster


Have an interesting, imaginative day!

… to be continued …