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The ABC of genuine Happiness – A


What is happiness?

Everyone sees it differently,

A cigar?

A hot cup of chocoalte after a hard day?

A new bud on your favourite plant?

A cat on your lap?

A kind word from a friend?

There are many little things which can make happy.

The outside world influences our happiness but


Happiness comes from within.


The ABC of genuine Happiness


A little trip through the alphabet within the theme to give some inspiration with quotes and pictures I find for each letter!

So let’s begin with A

A – Accept your reality

We know life is about the journey and not the arrival. We don’t need to arrive if we accept that we are already here. Be content with where you are today and don’t make the mistake of putting off being happy because you are waiting for the right moment to shine. Sometimes it takes a conscious effort to enjoy the journey. Not everyone woke up this morning and not everyone will go to bed tonight. Life has no guarantees. Every minute you are living is a blessing that has to be experienced in the moment. It’s not always easy, but it’s always an option—a choice. Your choice.

a happ

Life is Short. Don’t ever waste it.
Life is sweet. Take time to taste it.
Life is a journey. Find the right path.
Life is entertaining. Don’t be afraid to laugh.
Life is for good times. Make them last.
Life has it’s bad times. Put them in your past.
Life is a chance. Make sure to take it.
But most importantly, Life is what you make it.


Be happy with what you have , while pursuing what you want.


Although your life right now may not be the type of life you see and dream for yourself, it is the only one you have at the present time. You need to start appreciating and enjoying it while you work on improving it.

a hap

 …. to be continued…

May you have an awefully amazing day!