We escaped for a couple of days and went to Amsterdam for a rest and change of “wallpaper”.

We had never been and loved the city.

First impressions here:

I loved the canals and the beautiful small but high houses.


the picturesque bridges, lit up at night,


and the cheese!


The weather was rather bad and the storm hit Amsterdam too. The trams and canal boats did not run for a day and it felt rather quiet.


Trees were uprouted and took the pavements with them.


My new tulip slippers….. made me feel warm and cosy…. and a new hat….. (sorry, no picture)


and a visit to the beer museum… with tasting…..amsterdam6

We did manage to get a canal tour on the next day which was great but difficult to navigate as the captain had to do detours because of many trees still lying across some of the canals.

There are beautiful Cafe’s and lots of restaurants. We walked miles through the centre of Amsterdam and loved this city.    I have never seen as many bicycles in my life than in Amsterdam.

The people are wonderfully kind, helpful and friendly.

I will certainly visit again one day!


Enjoy the beauty where ever you are!

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  1. Amsterdam ist eine wunderschöne Stadt. Schade, dass ihr gerade dort gewesen seid, als es so stürmisch war. Aber wie ich sehe habt ihr die Reise trotzdem genossen. Deine Tulpenschuhe sehen warm und gemütlich aus.

    • Natuerlich und unsere neuen warmen Muetzen werden im winter auch nochmals gut gebraucht! Naechstes Mal werde ich jedoch im Sommer gehen, wenn man draussen sitzen kann!

  2. huge like, Ute! 🙂 I’ve been to Amsterdam several times, an amazing place, indeed! 🙂
    have a pleasant day and a wonderful week! Mélanie aus “Tulus”, France… 🙂

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