Ola Amigos !


My Spain adventure started in Malaga, where I met Ralph and we rented a little car.

I marked the places with red arrows.


We drove along the coast and had an ice cream and look around in Benalmadena Puerto where many yachts are ankered.


A bit further up north we looked at the Stupa Buddist Temple, and the view from there was breathtaking.

We stopped by a Butterfly house with amazing beautiful butterflies.

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The next day we visited Ronda, a bigger more touristy town.

Another day we were visiting friends and having a party. More of the party here.

We drove amazing very winding mountain roads and visitied typical Spanish villages and a cork forest.

On my last day we all helped with the grape harvest.

One of Ralph’s friends has a vineyard and the grapes were ripe. It was so much fun! More here.

 My favourite chair:

chairThe mountain view

The beautiful road into Ralph's village

The beautiful road into Ralph’s village

and again such beautiful flowers everywhere.


I saw places, tourists see, I saw sleepy little villages, I went through roads not many tourists drive and could mix and smile at friendly Spanish people, as well as meeting and mixing with friends of Ralph.

I enjoyed being part of the community there and saw how life is in Spain.

All in all a wonderful holiday and I loved everything!


When you arise in the morning,

think of what a precious privilege it is to be alive

to breathe,

to think,

to enjoy,

to love.

Marcus Aurelius .

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  1. So pretty! I love that chair, and those lanterns! Love the houses set into the hilltops….love the hilltops! Oh wow, I think I’d love to go there one day.
    Thanks for sharing the pics.

  2. You did so much in such a short time. Amazing trip and it is good to see it all marked on the map. The butterfly house is fascinating especially I liked the photo with the butterflies on the bananas.

  3. It’s truly amazing shots Ute and ooooh, I love that chair as well. Bring one with for me as well..heheheheh
    Great post hon and so glad to see you are enjoying yourself. Have fun! 😀 *big hugs*

  4. Wow Ute, what lovely pictures! I felt that I was there with you. The party (my favourite pastime of course! looked great, lovely food, wine & good company, what more could you want!) The butterflies were amazing and your time in the vineyards looked such fun. xx Hugs xx

    • I had an amazing 5 days with great people and stunning scenery. Well worth a visit. As it was my first time in Spain it blew me away as I didn’t know what to expect. Everything was just perfect and it was so much fun, a real holiday where I could forget everything for a while. I feel well refreshed now. Hugs to you Teresa!

  5. Stunning scenery! You were obviously very blessed to have the opportunity to visit Spain and get so much out of your time there. Your enjoyment shines through your words and photos. Absolutely wonderful, Ute.

  6. I am really impressed at the way you have portrayed your visit to Spain in this post my friend. You covered everything including my chair (sorry .. your chair 😉 ). It must have taken you ages to draft especially selecting the lovely photographs. Thank you for the Trackbacks and your wonderful company Ute. Ralph xox 😀

  7. Oh Ute! I used to live in Ronda and my children went to school there… it brought back some happy memories. I love Andalucía and I’m glad you enjoyed it as much as I do when I return there. Thanks for the lovely photos. Cath x

      • Yes, did you feel funny when you looked over the bridge? My stomach used to turn and I gripped onto my little ones clothes when they looked through the grills…. I hope it is not too touristy now. I remember when they first opened a McDonald’s there (near the bridge), there was outrage and the windows kept getting smashed… anyway, we still have friends there and keep returning from time-to-time. Love it!

      • I only held on tightly to my phone, which I used to take pictures. It is a deep drop and very dramatic. Mc Donalds is still there, but we ate at a Spanish place, near that square.
        Great you can return there and enjoy it still from time to time!

  8. Beautiful Ute!
    What a wonderful experience. I’m sure this is a trip that you will never forget.
    Thanks for sharing your adventures with Ralph & Manny with us 🙂
    {Bear Hugs}

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