First impressions of Spain


First impressions of Spain

very clean !!!

beautifully white painted houses with well looked after flowers in front. Everyone cleans the streets and houses in the mornings.



So much fruit !!!

Β  I have seen so many fruit trees, which I have never seen in my life like lemon, orange, walnut trees, also olive trees, quince trees, nispero, which tastes beautiful as jam.


What a beautiful fruit!

Then the wonderful friendly people, all say “ola” straight away and all always smile. My sort of country.

ROFL smiley photo smiley-smile.gif

I do not have expectations usually but there were 3 things I did expect….. of Spain

my beloved palmtrees




and sun!


This was the sunset flying back home out of Malaga, so beautiful!

So here my first impressions,

after sorting some more photos I shall give you a little tour.

I was very privileged to visit Spain and being so warmly welcomed by my host Ralph and everybody there.


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  1. So fabulous, Ute!! Thank you so much for sharing with us! Anxiously awaiting your email ((taps foot…looks at watch)) hee hee kidding….am looking forward to your stories though. Love you!!

  2. Hi Ute my friend. Thank you so much for coming to Spain and for being my first guest after the renovations on my apartment. I will never forget the 5 wonderful days of sightseeing and your company. You were the perfect guest. You did not eat or drink me out of house and home, your driving impressed me as you negotiated the difficult mountain roads, you washed the dishes and left your room immaculate. I am honoured to know you, not only as a blogging friend but a real friend whom I will always treasure. Ralph xox πŸ˜€

    • Haha I just read all your conversation with Alastair. You wrote such a lovely comment Ralph, and I am speechless. I have to return your compliment and say you have been a perfect host, and I am so happy every day we had something new to see or do, we didn’t rush, it was a perfect holiday. You are a very generous and kind man and we got on so well. One day I shall visit again, also see probably Alastair again. You both made me blush with your wonderful comments. Isn’t it great to have such friends. Our friendship means a lot to me too!

      • Thank you Ute for your complimentary reply, it was lovely, and you never know, I may see you here again. Who knows ?? You will always be welcome, at least you know that. Big hug. xox

    • Amazingly I saw the same golden sunset as I was driven from the airport after leaving Ute to board her flight. Driving down the mountain to my village the sunset filled the sky and was remarkably beautiful.

    • I knew and I am ery glad the picture came out so well as it was through the plane window. Nature is so impressive sometimes, Alastair you know that, with your pictures! Thank you for your lovely words and commetns here! I do appresiate it and I am very happy to have met you too!

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    • Thanks Terry, see you learn something new every day. I was never really interested in Spain and now I can’t imagine why, it is beautiful. I guess the great thing is that I was not in the hot tourist spots where they just sunbathe all day, that would be boring.

    • Been there for the first time and not knowing how it is. Traveling and seeing other countries is so wonderful, specially when you know great people there. It wouldn’t have been such fun alone! I so loved it!

  4. A wonderful post. I knew that your visit would be great. How could it not with Ralph & Manny as your hosts! I am so looking forward to more trips from your adventures in Spain! πŸ™‚

  5. I’m glad you had such a fabulous time, Ute. I love the photos, but the sunset one is truly extraordinary! The word “Beautiful” doesn’t come close to doing it justice.

  6. I would have loved it there as well. Nothing better than a clean house and street/yard Ute. Stunning shots as usual hon. Looks like you had lots of fun. πŸ˜€ Thanks for sharing. β™₯

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