A new Day


new day

Today is a new day!

I woke up,

I am alive,

I am grateful for the new day!


I have food,

I have warmth,

I have love,

I am grateful for the new day!


I can spread love,

I can shine,

I can show kindness,

I taste happiness,

I am grateful for the new day!


I enjoy work,

I can give hugs,

I can listen,

I am here for you,

I am happy,

I am grateful for the new day!

new day2

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  1. I am so thankful for the new day. Been stuck for a bit in some down feelings, but the sun is shining, and I laid to rest what I needed to….your post is so timely!! Big hugs for you!!

  2. Ute stopped by my blog – now I’m visiting her – We pass along smiles & hugs…
    …I’m greatful for a new day – flip-fllops & all 🙂

    • Hehe, I won’t get into the danger of wearing flip flops here, far too cold…. and I don’t like cold feet. I was even thinking of a knitted swim suit as the water in the simming baths was too cold for me… 🙂 or could I wear a cardigan in the water? I wonder…..
      Sorry I am getting carried away here. Thank you for visiting, the hugs and smiles RoSy!

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