My new lodger


Since I have redone my bedroom with new furniture and pictures, I needed something to complete it.


I have a new lodger in my flat and he is well loved already.

May I introduce



He came to me to work yesterday and I took him home straight away.

Some of you might recognise him, as he is related to Manny from Marsha’s blog. He has the same ancestors.


Of course he had to check his new room out straight away and sat on different furniture.


We are getting to know each other at the moment and I am sure it will develop in a wonderful friendship!


So far we had a lovely day together and enjoyed each others company! He loves blogging too and will give me some advice, and probably do a post by himself one day !

He loves lots of hugs,

always listens,

is very loving,

is very cuddly

never makesΒ  a mess,

and is so cute!

A big Welcome to Danny!

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  1. Manny is going to be soooo jealous of your new lodger. Poor Marsha. The tantrums that she will now have to endure. I hope Danny is a good lodger and stays with you for a long time Ute. Ralph xox πŸ˜€

  2. Welcome Danny. Makes him better than a man, he doesn’t complain, he doesn’t snore, he doesn’t drink, he doesn’t eat, he doesn’t gas πŸ˜‰

  3. Oh, yes, Ralph is right. The tantrums have already started! Not only that he is getting too old for tantrums, and the hormones are kicking in along with the attitude. “If only you hadn’t made me come back from England, this would never have happened!”

    “Aren’t you happy for Ute, honey?”

    “Happy???? Danny is riding next to Ute in that convertible. Happy? I have to ride in this dumb old Prius.”

    “So it’s all about the cars, Manny?”

    “Well…… I do love Ute.”

    “So, you’re a little jealous?”

    “Yeah, I guess so. Mom, it hurts that Ute might love Danny more than me. Do you think she does?”

    Well, Manny, she has to take care of Danny, like I take care of you. Don’t you think I should love you more than I love Danny? You are my little bear.”

    “Awwww, Mom. Of course YOU love me, but I want UTE to love me more than Danny.”

    Manny, she loves Danny like a mom, just like love you. She loves you, but it’s different.”

    “I want to go to England again.”

    “Save your money, Manny, and write to Ute and Danny, and see if they would mind if you come back when you save up enough money.”

    “OK, Mom, can I go practice driving the Prius in the garage?”

    “Sure, Sweetie.”

    • Manny you are so sweet, and no worries, because I love you so much I got Danny. When we come and visit you , you will get the same tight cuddle as Danny, no difference. Danny was asking about you too, after I showed him your picture. He is eager to meet you and be friends with you, like I am with Marsha.
      Now you have to promise me no more tantrums, show me love and I am sure you and Danny will develop a great friendship! and as for me Manny I have enough love to share it between you and Danny!
      Big cuddle and β™₯ for you from Ute and Danny!

      • Dearest Ute,

        I love you so much! Thank for being so nice to me. Can I come visit soon? I will be nice to Danny. He does look like me a little. I’m cuter, though! Mom says I shouldn’t say that! I’m glad you love me too. I won’t be mean any more! Does Danny like to climb trees?

        Manny πŸ™‚

      • Manny, of course you can visit again soon, you are always welcome. Danny would be happy tp se a bear like him. You are both cute, as you are from the same company, sorry ancestors, so almost related. ( I did ask your mum once wher you are from). Now Danny is very new to here and he hasn’t checked everything out, I shall see if he does like climbing trees, we shall go for a walk on Sunday.
        Sending you our love Ute and Danny!

      • Dearest Ute, and Danny,

        I can’t wait to see you! Yippeee! I love you so much! Danny, you too! Can we go to the zoo? Will we ride on the Underground? I know how to put in my ticket!

        Manny πŸ™‚

      • Manny,
        I know you are well travelled, so no problems in London then! We will have fun together….. but first we need to save the pennies….!
        Then we can do all you wish for!
        Lots of love and hugs from Ute and Danny

      • Dearest Ute,

        I have my Bearry Bank almost half full! I can’t wait! Hugs to Danny!


        P.S. Mom says I shouldn’t keep pestering you! πŸ™‚

      • It’s ok Manny, but I am going to have a rest now, as I am really tired and still not so well!
        Wishing you a great day or night, don’t know your time, really. Lots of hugs! Ute xx

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