A great day out!


We had a sunny, warm day!

So London here I come!

I met friends and after a wonderful lunch by the River Thames we went to the cable car.

Yes, London has no mountains but a cable car. 

It goes over the Thames and in the sunshine we had a lovely view.

You can see the Dome, the River Thames and a lot further.

ca 1ca 2caca3

Afterwards I had tea with my friends in their back garden in the sunshine.

Friends are so valuable.

Never forget how priceless they are,

they are with you in need,

they are with you to laugh

they are always there for you.

Be thankful !


“A real friend is one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out.”

I am thanking all my friends for being there for me, always!

Have an awesome day!

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29 responses »

    • Meine Schwester sagt dass es daunernd regnet… sie ist in Bayern, und hat schon Ueberschwemmung im Garten. Da wir auch nicht viel Sonne haben , muessen wir das Beste aus jedem Tag mit Sonne machen…
      Ganz einfach die Wolken wegschieben, 🙂 Mathilda xx

  1. What a beautiful day and beautiful pictures to share too!
    utesmile, I love your haircut in the gravatar. It just fits your lightheartedness. It is bubbly or am I thinking of the bubble wrap?
    I wish I was riding around in a convertible. 😦 Grabbing a can of hairspray.

    • You make me laugh….. thank you for your nice compliment….. It was great fun riding the convertible in sunshine! It is not mine though 😦 haha hairspray needed! 🙂

    • I had a fabulous day, thank you, and thanks for the compliment, I thouhgt it is time to update… 🙂 and that picture is from yesterday! So really new!

  2. Wow !! The SUN !! Thank you dear Ute for sharing your day out. I would love to ride on the cable car. And what a lovely new avatar….and car…. and haircut. A New Day !! Ralph xox 😀

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