I can see so much love and compassion in this world.

I am overwhelmed with it!

I need to share such wonders with you!

As you know my dad passed away in February and my mum is alone since then. She is in a Christian home and well looked after. She is making new friends now. In my school where I work I am well respected and loved. As it is my mum’s birthday soon, and my colleagues know it, one teacher asked the children to make some birthday cards to brighten my mum’s day!

What a wonderful thing to do! ( He had before done it before with Christmas cards made by the children to give to my dad when he was in hospital and not well).

Here are some examples.

The children put so much effort and love into it, it is so encouraging to see that 10 year olds learn about compassison and love.






and some hand made flowers!


Aren’t they wonderful?Β  I will post this soon to arrive on time for my mum’s birthday , I am sure they will brighten up her day!

I am still speechless about this act of kindness!



Thank you all for being here, you wonderful people!

Much love from Ute

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  1. Those cards are beautiful. They will be cherished and loved and give so much more pleasure than a commercial card. I think if you asked every child from every country of the world to draw a birthday card, you would get the ‘same’ card. It would be full of goodness and love. Goodness and love knows no borders.
    When I retired, my colleagues had their students make cards for me. They are my treasures.
    My teacher friends even took advantage of my retirement to have a little poetry lesson besides. (We teachers never miss an opportunity. LOL ) So my cards also contained some great rhymes.

    I hope your mom has a wonderful birthday!

    • Thank you very much, I agree with your words. I am sure my mom will love them, and they will brighten her birthday! As you say cards like that are very precious and a treasure. Children are still so pure and pour love into things like that. I will let them know how htey were received and the love and happiness will go round.
      Much love Ute x

  2. That is a really lovely way for children to experience compassion for others πŸ˜€ Happy Birthday to your Mum dear Ute. Ralph xox πŸ˜€

  3. I am so grateful for the proof that compassion and kindness is alive and well in the hearts of 10 year olds, Ute. Thank you for sharing these beautiful cards with us. I love the one with the rainbow letters and present. {{{hugs}}} Kozo

  4. That is so beautiful Ute and what a kind gesture from everyone. Yes, that is something that is very rare nowadays. You are very blessed hon. Please give your mom my birthday blessings as well. πŸ™‚ *big hugs*

  5. Now, this is what life’s all about. This post shines bright with love! It melted my heart at the sweetness and innocence that children instill in us. Wonderful post. Love and hugs to mum for me! I feel like I should make mum a card and mail it to her!

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