I was back home in Germany for a weekend and enjoyed a peaceful quiet time with my mum.

I wanted to share her beautiful garden, now in spring!




Going home does feel like going back in time.

There are some old picture in the house from my grandad.

This is him on the right with his brother before the first world war.

a opa young 1

Below is a painted picture, painted by a war time painter friend of him – as I remember him.

Always a bow tie and his wooden stick.

He lost his leg in the first world war on his 21st birthday. I have read his war diary, an amazing read.

I used to sit on his wooden leg and it was very slippy, I enjoyed that very much, so did he.

I called him “Opa”. He died when I was 9.

I don’t remember that much but I have these lovely memories of him playing with me on his lap and underneath his office desk.

a opa

I love that picture in our frontroom, I loved him.

It is wonderful to think of happy times from the past,

the people we loved,

and that we made them happy then.

Nothing changed, he is still loved and I still hope to make people happy!

Wishing you a wonderful Sunday!

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  1. Absolutely stunning shots of a gorgeous garden Ute! Love the painting of your Opa. Thanks for sharing hon. I would have felt nostagic too if I had to leave that beautiful garden and all that love behind. ๐Ÿ™‚ *hugs*

  2. i loved germany when i was stationed there! i would love to come back for a visit now when i could really enjoy it even more.

    grandparents have such a special place in our lives, even when they leave us at a young age. being a grandparent is one of the most important roles i have ever had in my life and my goal has been to stay around until they were old enough to really remember me later and second to give them that unconditional love and memories to last a life time. it sounds like you have that, what a blessing!

    • You are so right with your words. Grandparents are special and it is up to use to make it like that for our grandchildren.
      Thank you for visiting and leaving such a wonderful comment. Have a great day ! Ute

  3. I am so pleased you were able spend some time with your mother in her home and lovely garden. As you will see from my latest post, I have also been thinking of my grandfather and so I feel very happy that you are also sharing memories of your special grandfather. The painting and the photo are wonderful treasures for your family. It is a fine portrait of your Opa.

    • Kozo, I am translating it still , as it is in German. Quite amazing what a young man of 21 had to witness. Because of poor hygiene and circumstances he lost his leg.
      Thank you , *hugs*

  4. Old family photos are wonderful to look back on and you are lucky to remember such a long time ago and the feeling you had when you were with your Grandad. I have those memories and good feelings too, and hope that my children will have them about our older relatives in time. x

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