Sunshine and Warmth


sunshine 2

Let the warmth come,

plesae sun,

shine, shine, shine,

as we shine from our hearts.

Push away the clouds,

and show your beautiful face.


Wishing you a day full of sunshine,

and if the sun does not shine

bring your own!


Thank you for bringing sunshine into my life.

Another big Hug photo bighug.gif

sunshine 3

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  1. Oh, I love my computer as well for the same reason Ute. What a lovely, warm and uplifting post hon. I just love it and ***big hugs*** to you as well hon. 🙂

  2. I thought I could bring sunshine to others but I was too far under a cloud to see any for myself. I was shown yesterday though that there is sunshine for me.

    • Da habt Ihr ja Glueck, bei uns ist es trueb und kalt. Vielen Dank fuer deinen warmen “comment” (mir faellt das deutsche Wort nicht ein. 🙂 Gruesse Ute ♥

  3. I love the last one the best. I had an interesting conversation with my friend, Elane. She could not quite understand how I could get so close to my blogging friends. I told her it’s sort of like watching TV only better. Your blogging friends interact with you. It’s like talking on the phone to someone long distance. It’s like … your friends live in your computer. Love you lots, computer friend. 🙂

    • I think a blogger friend is like a pen pal in the past, you get ot know each other, you communicate and have fun. You get to respect each other and feel for each other, love each other. I love it, and you are a special friend sitting in my computer! 🙂

  4. Always bright & shiny at Ute’s blog. Even if cloudy outside – I can always count on sunshine here 🙂
    Happy Friday & Happy Weekend Ute!

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