My treasure


My treasure is not hidden,

no it is all open right here:

a treasure

Yes it is YOU my blogger friends

you are my wonderful treasure.

I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart

for visiting me

for reading my posts,

for leaving comments.

Your comments touch my heart and I treasure each one of you. I value your honest words. Some make me smile, some make me laugh, some make me cry because they are so beautiful. You make my blog what it is and a Thank You is not enough to express my gratitude. You really don’t know how much you mean to me! I love to connect with you who show me their warmth , love and compassion.

I wished I could all give you something special, in the cyberworld,

I will give you a huge cyberhug and my honest love.


“Remember that wherever your heart is, there you will find your treasure. You’ve got to find the treasure, so that everything you have learned along the way can make sense”

Paolo Coellho – The Alchemist

A true friend reaches for your hand and touches your heart.

You certainly have touched mine!

Thank you so so much !


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  1. “I wished I could all give you something special, in the cyberworld, …” You already have, Ute. Think about it. With the huge number of blogs and other choices, most readers are quite selective as to what they read. We’re here because this is where you are. Thank YOU!


  2. I wish I could see your pretty face and hug you! You’re such a dear soul! I’m so glad to have discovered your blog! You never know… we might actually meet…
    Much love. 🙂

  3. No no no no no. I wanna thank YOU for visiting MY blog…

    Oh my gosh… Are we seriously gonna get into a “thank you” fight? Haha. Just kidding. Love your blog and all your incredible posts. 🙂

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