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A good laugh


We all need a good laugh from time to time. Laughing every day is better of course.

When was it last that you laughed so hard, tears came streaming down your cheeks and your belly started hurting.

When I was a child we used to laugh a lot as a family, mainly due to the fact that I said lots of silly things. I was the clown of the family. And only when everyone laughed I realised what silly things I said. One of my famous lines was: “If the sun was shining it wouldn’t be so dark at night.”  – ……of course it wouldn’t be night then, would it?……

bugs bunny

I am not good in telling jokes though, I can never remember the punchline.

Even as a baby I started smiling early and my mum called me the sunshine in her life.


Here is the proof!


It releases stress, puts us in a good mood, and generally makes us feel better about life.


So lets have some fun and laugh!

I am doing it wrong?????

I am doing it wrong?????


Hope it made you laugh!

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