Two Steps from Hell – exciting update


As you know my favourite group is

Two Steps from Hell

The news is that they are giving their first concert, Worldpremiere…. hurray….. fantastic…..epic…. their first concert ever. Isn’t that absolutely fantastic!  I am so excited!

but….. it is in America, so I can’t go…..  I am still excited 🙂

Tickets are for sale already here.


There is hope for another one in Europe… or even maybe London, I won’t give up hope.

I can’t wait to read the reviews. This is so exciting!


I wish them a totally sold out house and a fantastic atmosphere at the concert.

If this is a success there might be more concerts.

A little taster of their music for my friends:

Casablanca a brilliant track!

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    • Ruby , wow I was wondering if it was them, when you wrote that you meditate to epic music. Now I know, It is great to find someone who loves them too! Their different music can certainly trigger many different emotions. One of my favourites is “Magic of Love” for me that IS magic of love. 🙂

      • I love all their songs, I can’t pick one to be true cos yes each one of them triggers different emotions. As for meditation, it helps a lot those people who get too relaxed and then fall asleep during meditation. 🙂

  1. unfortunately… the video isn’t available in Germany 😦
    But I like it that you are so excited about something! That’s the same I feel when I am looking forward doing something that I love!

    This is what I LOVE:

    und das hier:

    Hugs, Susi

    • Ich kenne kaum noch deutsche songs, somit habe noch nie von diesen hier gehoert, doch biede finde ich gut. Es hat nicht gespielt, doch nun functioniert es. Deshalb antworte ich erst jetzt zu diesem.
      Danke und alles Liebe, Ute

    • Thank you Susi, I have noticed a lot of my you tube playlists don’t go in Germany, you have tougher GEMA. Shame. Lots of songs I wanted to show my sisiter did not work there. 😦
      Nice to see you and enjoy your Day! Ute xx

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