The best Recipe


That is me……  but don’t eat me……just hug me….


I love teddies and soft toys here are my favourites.


This is Petzie and Retzi. Petzie is a German Steiff Teddy which is actually my sister’s and is over 50 years old dressed in our baby clothes. Retzie lives in London but was allowed to visit Germany, he does have his own passport.

TeddyMc Fluff (2)

This is Teddy Mac Fluff, our cool teddy.

Another collection:

Teddies are patient, loving, cuddly, soft, fluffy, cute and always happy.

I hope Manny from Marsha’s blog  likes all his friends here.


Wishing you a day full of Sunshine, if not in the sky then in your heart!

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  1. We have “Build A Bear” here and children just go crazy wanting to make bears every other weekend. You get to choose the cover/bear type/animal, clothes, accessories… You fill it up with stuffing by yourself using a machine. And can add all sorts of stuff like a recorded message/sounds in the bear. You can get shoes, caps, bibs, roller skates, raincoats, pets, strollers… Lots of stuff for you creations.

    • The cool blue one is from “Build a Bear” it was a present for him and he has even 2 hearts inside. Also he has slippers and normal shoes. A very pampered bear. It was fun getting it there, as you describe, but we did not go over the top. I do love his jeans, with a hole in the back for his tail, so cute……

  2. This is so cute 🙂 What a lovely post! I’ll tell you a secret, I still sleep with my bear Joey who I’ve had since I was 2! I went through phases of sleeping without him, but I like having him around, he’s a good old friend 🙂

    Your bears are really adorable!


    • They are the best teddies, you grow up with. My teddy I got at birth, obviously over 50 years old, is full of plasters as the straw falls out, from loving him so much. In those days teddies were a bit harder but still cute and so lovable. He sits at my bedside…..
      Thank you Rohan for being so honest!

  3. Can’t say how much I loved them, theya re really cute things, no matter how old we get or, I get, will always love these soft toys….teddy, winnie the pooh, boo…..etc 😀 Thanks for the post

  4. Adorable. Manny wants to come see them all. He went in and told all the other teddies in our house about them, and now they all want to come to England. I convinced them to think about waiting until it gets warmer. 🙂 Lovely post. Marsha and Manny strongly support teddy posts! 🙂

    • So sweet Manny, you could have a great party here with all soft toys here, over 100 in our house and all adorable. Just like you! You are very welcome to visit London , always welcome in my house…… of couser Marsha too 🙂 and Marsha is right , Summer is better when it is warm, then we can a picnic outside even…….. 🙂 Thank you Marsha nad Manny! Love you both! xx

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