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My Amazing Day Out


As you all know it started like this:

A chat with my friend Ralph about my dream , to dance with James Jordan, a professional dancer in the TV Show “Strictly come dancing“…. the next email said “surprise” and I had the lesson with James….. unbelievable…..I could not believe it. Well the date was booked and it finally happened last Sunday.

I was allowed to take friends with me and I chose my dance teacher Kevin and my dance friend Julie. We set off to Maidstone to the hotel. We were well in time and waited in the bar to be collected by James. We all recognised him straight away and were a little bit nervous.

James took us to a big hall where there was a dance floor in the middle. After a small introduction and checking what I like to dance and how much I can do already, he started to show me the steps with handmovements. It looks so great when he does it and it is not so easy when I do it myself. As James says: practice and it needs to go into muscle memory. I wished my muscles had more memory. 🙂

dJames and me dancing

He showed me, he corrected me, (of course I did it slightly wrong) he did it with me, he looked at me on my own, we did some steps in hold….. and he taught me. He is a great teacher and no doubt all celebrities have lots of fun practising with him. It is rather hard to do the steps and learn the hands at the same time, I noticed but James was patient. The pictures are a bit blurred as we were moving all the time.

I am sure Craig (one of the judges in the TV show Strictly come dancing) would have given us a 7 but Len surely a 10!

James is an easy going teacher and great fun to dance with. He is cheerful, chatty and it made the whole experience great fun and we had a laugh. We chatted all together about his dancing and the partners he had over the years and it was really interesting. At the end we all asked him to sign and took pictures with him.

d james and me

His wife Ola was next to us and of course we also asked her to pose with us and sign the book and had a small chat.

d ola ute

dancing (25)

When my hour was finished I felt really great and I enjoyed every minute of it.

My dream Dancing with James Jordan has been fulfilled and I felt fabulous.

A very  big no huge thank you to my friend Ralph for making this possible for me.

Do something wonderful.
People may imitate it.
~ ♥ Albert Schweitzer ♥ ~

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Canary Wharf – London


Canary Wharf is a quite new area in London with tall buildings, banks, businesses and lots of restaurants and coffee shops. I love going there as everything looks new and clean. The area is also called the Docklands as they used to be the busiest docks in London, delivering rawsugar and other foods from far away. There is a lovely museum telling you everything about it. Some of the big houses there were ware houses and are now restored and made into beautiful spacious and expensive flats.

Before Christmas I was invited to a Restaurant in Canary Wharf. As I was too early I walked around in the sunshine and enjoyed the beauty of this area. It is very peaceful, and in summer bustling with people sitting outside eating and enjoying the sunshine near the water.

I took pictures on my phone and as a trial I am putting them into a gallery. (Learning more here) Excuse the quality, I am not a photographer and it cannot be compared with Alastair or Mani. If you like to see really great pictures have a look on the two links of my friends.  I noticed all the pictures taken in the shade went blue, never mind I still share them with you and take any advice on board.

So here we are:

Whenever you visit London this is a wonderful place to hang out and enjoy!

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To be loved!


To be loved means to be understood.
To be appreciated.
To be accepted for being ourselves.
To be supported for our beliefs.
To be trusted, empowered and encouraged.

To be loved is to find true comfort and be embraced
when we are surrounded by a world
that is full of complete differences…
Melanie Moushigian Koulouris

love 1

2013 just began!


A New Year!

A fresh Start

and Infinite Possibilities.

happy new year

Some Suggestions for the New Year:

Do more of what makes you happy!

Get outside every day. Miracles are waiting everywhere.

Time heals almost everything. Give Time time.

Be open to changes.

It’s never too late to be happy.  But it’s all up to you and no one else.

When it comes to chocolate, resistance is futile.

Love like there is no tomorrow.

Enjoy Life!

love life

Wishing everyone a wonderful,

healthy, prosperous, successful

and happy New Year!