Super Hero and Awards


Last week, we had a change of computers and servers at school. Unfortunatley due to this some teachers lost some files. Our Reception teacher was very distraught as she lost a Presentation for phonics, she is using everyday on the whiteboard to teach the children. Having lost it she would have had to change her planning and her lessons, and had to think of a way around it. She came to me and asked what to do. She did have paper copies of all the letters and sounds. I said I can try and scan these in and make a new presentation for her. After playing around a bit how to do it, ( I am not too familiar with powerpoint) I had it cracked and started with all the letters of the alphabet. With different sounds in the English language it made 40 slides, and 2 hours later I had it done and saved!

The next day she was so excited to see the new presentation she danced around in her classroom, I had made her very happy! During the day little children, aged 4, from her class came to me to thank me and gave me little cards.

This was one:

super hero at desk

Me at my desk


me in my red dress

me in my red dress

My red dress matching my cheeks. πŸ™‚

The teacher had told the children that she lost her teaching aid and there was a super hero in the school who made it happen again. They had to guess who it was and they guessed it was me. They all know me well.

I got some awards from them too:

super hero awards

Working with small children is such fun and so rewarding.

Now to some other Awards:

For my blog I was nominated with the Shine On Award from Ruby from Your inner feathers on 15th January. Thank you so much Ruby, I appreciate it very much being thought of.

7th December 2012, 5th and 15th January 2013

7th December 2012, 5th and 15th January 2013

My next nomination was for the Versatile Blogger Award from Jaimmers on 16th January, thank you very much for this lovely award.

4th, 9th,12th and 16th January 2013

Ruby has nominated me for the Super Sweet Award on 17th January 2013, and I am again honoured and happy to be thought of.

5th  and 17th January 2013

5th and 17th January 2013

But that’s not it…

25th November,15th, 31st December 2012 and 18th January 2013

25th November,15th, 31st December 2012 and 18th January 2013

I would now like to thank Sheri from “The other side of ugly” for nominating me for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award on 18th January. I’m honored to have such amazing friends.

I have already received these awards and I am very grateful for all nominations and feel wonderful that me and my blog is so valued. I would still like to take this opportunity to pay it forward to some newer blogs I am following and think they deserve it.Β  (one each)

Shine on award goes to If you want to be happy -be

Versatile Blogger Award goes to allemeineleidenschaften

Super Sweet Award goes to hurdlestohappiness

Very inspiring Blogger Award goes to deepandwonderfulthoughts

To all my blogger friends, I appreciate you all, you bring happiness to me and wish you more Happy blogging!

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  1. I retired from elementary teaching 17 years ago. I know exactly the feeling of the teacher who thought she had lost her precious plans. Teachers spend so much time in preparing the tools to teach.
    I also know that teachers are so generous to others (as you were) and help each other everyday.

    And best of all is the reward we receive from children. Those pictures are Van Goghs and Monets to a teacher.

    • I love the children and know them all by name, the whole school. I am actually not a teacher I am the Office Manager and also the first aider. Iam her efor teachers and children. πŸ™‚ The children come with all sorts of problems to me not only grazed knees. It is extremely rewarding to get comments and pictures from them as they DO really mean it! I love them all in their own way.

  2. I think that the first drawing of you at your desk is a perfect image of you hard at work. May I make a small suggestion dear Ute. Turn your desk around or anybody could just walk in and have a good rummage in your drawers πŸ˜‰ xox

  3. Ute, congratulations on the awards but most of all for your kindness and compassion with the teacher. Are you a classroom teacher? I retired after nearly 30 years in the classroom and at the district level. In fact, I could so relate to the dilemma, especially in relation to the phonics. Upon retirement, I was not ready to sever the umbilical cord with education so I am still a consultant. I work with teachers throughout the state of Florida who are seeking the Reading Endorsement on their FL teachers’ certificate. The most difficult area for them to demonstrate (they have to develop explicit lessons and video its implementation) is phonological awareness at the phonemic awareness level and phonics. These I had to ‘master’ upon getting my endorsement because my level was secondary mathematics and science. I learned so much when I went into the reading program and have the utmost respect for the elementary teachers! Here is a post you might enjoy that was written some time ago for Awakenings –

    • Thank you for your comment, I am not a teacher I am the Office Manager and First Aider, I do know all children my name. (and the parents). It is a lovely job and I do call it my dream job. I do work closely with the teachers and do help them if they need something. I will have a read of you rlinked post.. Thank you

  4. That was really kind of you to redo the presentation. That too in just two hours. Kudos. Appreciation, cards and love from little ones are one of the best things in the world. And congrats on all your wonderful awards.

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  6. You are well loved by all you meet. The office manager or school secretary is the heart and soul of the school. Without him or her, the school would fold. One of my very favorite people is one of our school secretaries, Alice Fesperman. You would love her because she has your warm and welcoming – can-do attitude about everything. I am sure that every one of your teachers and students adore you. That’s not a job it’s your ministry. lots of love Marsha πŸ™‚

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