Give Thanks


Give Thanks with a grateful heart……

My favourite!

I thank the LORD for guiding me and shining his light on my path. He has made me stronger and richer on my way.

With this I want to give thanks to everyone,

who has made my year 2012 a wonderful year.

It had ups and downs, and I am grateful I could cope with everything.


“I can do everything through HIM who gives me strength.”

Philippians 4:13

my favourite verse which gives me strength!


Since I am blogging I have experienced more love, kindness and friendship than ever before.



with all my heart!

Wishing you all a peaceful

and wonderful Christmas !

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  1. I love that song, Ute. It’s a beautiful rendition of it. I love to listen to it as I write. I may not leave for a while! I am camping out on your blog if you hadn’t noticed. I had my gigabytes renewed today. So now I’m back up to 15, my months allotment. I can’t even write! I’m just soaking up this song! Lovely, Ute. Marsha Lee

  2. With this being the first Christmas with only my husband and I, this morning has been very quiet and relaxing. As I awoke, first thoughts were centered upon this day as the birthday of our Savior, Jesus Christ. With Him all things are possible, without Him…I do not want to go there! Time to go bake the cheesecake…our favorite and only the two of us to eat it this year:>)

    Blessings to you, Ute, on this glorious day. So thankful to have met you in this virtual world of ours and look forward to many more visits throughout 2013.

    • Sharla, I am very happy to have met you too. After the beautiful christmas morning service in church I have also a quiet day with just my young son and me. It is very relaxing and no pressure on the cooking.
      Looking forward to a 2013 together!
      Love Ute x

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