A new Head Teacher


One of my colleagues  and a very good friend is leaving after Christmas to go to a new school to become a Head Teacher. She is a fantastic woman , always cheerful, kind, very professional and she deserves a good farewell party. So we were arranging a special evening for her with presentation, gifts, food and fun. She is a very valued member of staff and will be missed by many as she was very much loved.

This post is dedicated to her.


I will miss you.

I will miss your smile.

I will miss your laugh from the office next door to mine.

I will miss your cheerfulness.

I will miss your helpfulness.

I will miss your emails to me.

I will miss your openess.

I will miss you being a rock for me.

I will miss your big heart.

I will miss your letters for me to type with little confusing stars on it.

I will miss your little notes she send pupils over with.

I will miss you so much.

Luckily you will still be around for a coffee and a hug, and we will continue to be friends.



I know these are penguins, and have nothing to do with head teachers but she loves penguins, so I had to put a picture of these wonderful creatures here.

I have filled a bag and devised with internet help a

Head Teacher Survival Kit

  • Pencil and notebook for brainwaves during the day and everything else you can’t hold in your head!
  • A file for the BIG thoughts.
  • Band aide – for when things get a little rough!
  • Marbles – to replace ones you might lose from time to time.
  • Sponge – to soak up the overflow when your brain is too full.
  • Puzzle piece – to remind you that without you, things wouldn’t be complete.
  • Pipe Cleaner to remind you that flexibility is important for a successful school year.
  • Matches – For those days when you feel you need to light a fire under your students or staff.
  • Battery – to help you going, and going, and going…..
  • Rubber Glove – for when you need a helping hand.
  • Penny – to remind you that you are a priceless part of the school.
  • Whisky and headache tablets – for the really bad days.
  • Eraser – to remind you that everyone makes mistakes. That’s okay; we all learn by our mistakes.
  • Paperclip – to help you hold together when everything seems to fall apart.
  • Gold Chocolate coins – to remind you that you are worth your weight in gold!
  • Relaxing bath – needed for the end of a school day!
  • Snowflakes – When all else fails, pray for a snow day!


I do hope she likes it and we all wish her the very best in her new position.

Good luck, you will be a fabulous Head Teacher!

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  1. Ute, your survival kit is priceless! I am a former educator (still a consultant…not ready to completely cut the umbilical cord) and can certainly relate to changes in schools and positions. Your really were very creative in your ‘items’, all of which are most apropo for survival:>) A+

  2. Very sweet. I love the kit, and you are right teachers and head teachers need every bit of it to survive. I’m sure working with you would be a treat, though! You always have a smile and a kind word. 🙂 Marsha 🙂

    • Yes I try to cheer everyone up in the mornings as some come in with long faces. I can’t have that in the morning, it’s the beginning of a beautiful day, why be miserable, they don’t know what will be! xx so smile and the day will be great!

      • No , no , no…. I am the Office Manager of our local small Primary School, smiling at teachers and parents. My dream Job! I love it! I am also the First Aider there and see many children, they love me too as much as I love them. 🙂

      • You are perfect for that. The person who keeps the school running smoothly. I would have loved to taught in a school with you as the Office Manager. My school did have a wonderful Office Manager, and she retired, and I moved into the county office. She is still a dear friend. 🙂

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