First Advent


In Germany, as a child, my parents always celebrated the Advent time with us. Advent and particularly the four Sundays before Christmas Day have been a period of preparation for Christmas for many centuries.


Advent time is starting 4 weeks before Christmas. Every Sunday we light a candle.   Advent wreaths are groups of four candles with leaves and twigs from evergreen trees and plants. We had a bouquet of fir twigs on the table with 4 candles. My mum always decorated it beautifully. We light one candle on the first Sunday of Advent, two on the second Sunday, three on the third Sunday and all four on the fourth Sunday  which is 23rd December this year. We then continue to light all four candles during the Christmas period.


A bit like a countdown to Christmas. We loved it as children when my mum, in the evenings after dinner,  sat at the piano and played Christmas songs and we sang to it, or played the recorder to it. It was a fantastic family time together with candle light and music. I loved that tradition.

I will be taking my guitar out and play some Christmas songs tonight for my children.


I am wishing you a wonderful 1st Advent Sunday!

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    • Yes I am German living in London, they don’t do that here, neither Nikolaus Tag on the 6th December, but I keep the traditions up for my children , even though they are more British than German. Like that I get more into the spirit, what I do miss is a great Christmas Market.
      Never mind we have a Lidl with German goodies… 🙂 Enjoy the festive season! Ute x

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