How to be amazing!


I found a book entitled,

How to Be Amazing at


It only had single page inside

& was just one word long:


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  1. Hello from Austria !

    I love your little posts, they make me smile, always.

    I am in bed in my hotel room and will have a tea now… too many Mozartkugeln, but really too many!!! Probably 10 in two days!!! hahahahahaha

    Beside that: I met a woman, wonderful energetic cleaner, I mean deleting of old programs (letting go of old belief systems etc.). So, if ever you are back in Germany and close to Traunstein (tiefstes Bayern), then let me know… You need to book 3 months ahead, she is GREAT and she charges almost nothing… She really does it to help people. She is amazing… voilà. Just in case, I thought I mention this to you.

    Many smiles and hugs,

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