I am so excited


Finally today I could buy the new album SKYWORLD from Two Steps from Hell.

I have so far listened to it on you tube and there is one more song I totally love and is one of my favourites.

It is a beautiful romantic song called “Sun & Moon”. The female vocalist is Carina Istre and the male vocalist is no other than my favourite composer himself Thomas Bergersen. The words are a made up language, as in some of his other songs.

So close your eyes and let the music flow through you.

A feast for your ears.

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    • Glad you like it, Sometimes change is very good and getting out of the comfort zone! I have discovered this music 2 years ago and I totally love it, hence I want to share it! Thank you for your lovely comment! Ute xx

    • Glad you like it, thank you so much for looking through my older stuff! I love Two steps from hell so much and I hope thye will do a concert near me. … soooon

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