A HUG – The perfect Gift


Have you had a hug today?

I came across 10 reasons to give more hugs –  I don’t need any reason to hug but this is “scientific”……

1. Hugging induces oxytocin in the body.

2. Hugging builds stronger bonds with people you see every day.

3. Hugging lowers stress.

4. Hugging lowers blood pressure.

5. Hugging is a reciprocal good deed.

6. Hugging feels incredible.

7. Hugging can turn a bad mood upside down.

8. Hugging reconnects the mind with the body.

9. Hugging more makes us better huggers.

10. Hugging cultivates patience.

How many hugs do we need?

4 hugs a day for survival

8 hugs a day for maintenance

12 hugs a day for growth

I am going to have some hugs now………

Wishing you all a wonderful day with lots of hugs and love!

Big cyber hug for you all!


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  1. Genau ! Ich liebe den Artikel – I love this article ! I hug all my friends dearly when I see them. Their children got so used to it, that when I come, they already start lifting their arms! THE WORLD NEEDS MORE HUGS. Soooo important, so uplifting, so beautiful…

    Many, many hugs coming your way, Ute!

    Liebe Grüsse, much love,

    Caro xx

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  3. Cant agree more than that – I was stolen of hugs in this western world very much. But I know for a fact that hug has lot more meaning and even hug between a guys has a bigger impact if you are open to see beyond physical relationships. A hug has a deeper feelings than saying take care.

    Ein Umarmung fur dich auch 🙂

      • Herzlich Willkomen 🙂 Ist nicht gut – ich cann nicht spreich deutsch nur ein bissichen. Ich cann nicht verstehen auch 😛 ha ha haa… Entschuligung ich weiss nicht wass ist deutsch ! Aber ist lustig ist alles ich weiss 😀

        Aww…. I do need cosier hug its kalti 😀

    • So right, I work in a Primary School (not as a teacher though , but in the office) and I love the hugs from the little ones. I am the first aider and always have TLC for them (Tender loving Care) and they love me as much as I love them! 🙂

  4. Great news about something that should come naturally to us all but not so common that we don’t appreciate it. Thanks for liking my posts it really encourages me to keep blogging otherwise i get stuck. I am a newbie. HUGSSSSSSSSSSSS to you for an awesome 2013

  5. Send me some hugs Ute. Indeed, they a great gift. Take one of mine also. For there is joy in giving as there is in receiving. This is a great post. I love it. I love your blog also. Whenever I need a hug and there is nobody nearby to give me one, I’ll know where to go to get my heart’s desire:Utesmile.

    • That is so nice of you to tell me. Thank you so much, come over for a hug any time, you will get one, you are most welcome!. Yes I agree giving and receiving is an equal pleasure.
      Thank you for your hug too, happily received.
      With affection Ute 🙂

  6. Love this post. I always try and not just shake hands with my boys, but also give them a hug…maybe because it is something that I don’t remember receiving often…if at all.

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