The Big Bang


The big bang or Neighbours getting together should be the title really; here is the story.

Gas contractors needed to replace gas pipes to every house in our street and had to dig up the front path to our door. It was in Summer in the holidays.

All seems to go ok until suddenly everything stopped, no electricity.

I looked outside and the workers told me that they let the apprentice cut a cable, he got the wrong one and cut my electicity cable. What voltage, but he was ok, just shaken  up.

Was it the red or the blue wire?????? Do you remember the sequence in the film “Lethal weapon” ???

Back to my home…..

Funny enough all neighbours suddenly came out and we had a chat and a moan about letting apprentices do the dangerous work. It was almost like a street party, some other neighbours also lost electricity so the ones who still had it brought out tea and biscuits and we had a lovely time chatting and getting to know our neighbours better. We also had to decide which takeaway to use for dinner that evening as our cookers did not work.

In the end we ate with candle light, how romantic. What wonders pure necessities can bring.

We were back to basics, playing card and board games together, no TV, no computer, no nothing. I rather enjoyed that time.

Sometimes things need to happen to bring people together and appreciate each other and the simple things in life.

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    • yes it did and all our frozen, rotten food in the freezer was replaced by their insurance. It was funny how every one stuck together. Nice to know that people you don’t know so well do care!

  1. Hi Ute. “There are 2 switches in front of you. Switch on the one in the middle !!” I heard that on a telephone listening to two Filopino technicians talking to each other in Saudi Arabia many years ago. I hope you and your neighbours are still talking 😀 Ralph x

  2. No truer words have ever been spoken. Sometimes we all have to take time to smell the roses. We need to slow down and appreciate everyone and everything around us.

  3. What a lovely story! I bet that wouldn’t happen here in Singapore. Everyone just keeps to themselves and we hardly know who our neighbours are. I guess because we mostly live in high rise apartments and our doors are always closed.

    • I can imagine in high rise blocks..You just need to organise a get together street party one day and invite all people in your block, see how many are surprised and would like to meet their neighbours….. 🙂

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