My Music


A little taster of my music – trailer music.

It is from my favourite composer Thomas Bergersen, from Two Steps from Hell.

This is called “Undying Love” and is from the album “Legend”  from 2008 which was not for public release but for trailermusic houses. You can still find it on youtube.

It is a very romantic track  like a love poem, beautiful for your ears and soul.

Enjoy it!

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  1. Hi Ute and Alistair. I have not seen the film and not heard the music so went into YouTube and played a few pieces from the film and I thought Archangel was my favourite. Happy Sunday. Ralph x

      • I really don’t know Ralph except for a brief bantering back and forth through our blogging. Lots of fun. I love blogging, and it starts lots of conversations, not only with bloggers, but with friends and family, too. I drag my husband into it all the time! He helps me take pictures sometimes, and has become my most faithful reader! Have a happy rest of the week.

      • I have no family here and the small family I have don’t do it. I have gained nice friends through it and I abso;utely love blogging, when I started I would have not imagined the joy it gives me. Wishing you also a good week and weekend! Ute

  2. My family doesn’t blog either, nor do most of my friends. I have a few that read and respond, and another few that read and don’t respond. Most of my responses come from complete strangers that have become friends. It is a rewarding experience. Glad you are enjoying it as well. Thanks again for visiting my site and making comments. 🙂

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