Burnt Dinners – Cooking Tips – not to be followed


So many food progammes…..

How to make a healthy soup….

How to make an exotic  summer salad….


I searched myself if I have a special gift to share with you:

Well I am not a good cook, but I am good at burning dinner, actually my children think I am an expert. I have burnt a pan with just water in it, I have burnt a radio, which stood on the cooker, and I switched the ring on……burnt plastic, hmmmmm  (I know that was wrong, never have your radio on the cooker)

So how do you burn your dinner?


5 tips on how to burn your cooking properly.


1. Don’t put enough water with the vegetable you are boiling in your pan. The less water the faster it burns.

2. While cooking, walk out of the kitchen draft a new blog. Time flies while yo are having fun and soon enough you smell the burnt potatoes and it will be too late by the time you get back to the kitchen.

3. While cooking, make a phonecall to a dear friend, you soon forget about what is in the oven , the burnt smell will remind you soon enough.

4. Forget to look at the time when you put your fish in the oven, so you don’t know how long it has been in the oven , after  1 hour  it is a beautiful sole, no not Dover Sole but shoe sole.

5. Multitask as much as you can while cooking, feed the cat, water the plants, clean the cutlery drawer, help with the children’s homework and check for updates on Twitter, another wonderful way to smell the burning dinner, you put on earlier.



So if you ignore all these points, you are a great cook and I admire you.

Bon Appetite!


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  1. Ha Ha ha… Another great tip session, I have never succeeded in any of the tips above in my short career of being a chef or call it a cook. May be I shall try the no. 3 when I am make a call to you 😉

  2. Hi Ute. Another great post which I will learn from. My expertise is with putting a cold cup of coffee, milk and sugar in a microwave to warm up and forgetting it. The coffee ended up on the floor of the microwave and a charred skin of coffee/milk on the cup. I don’t have a microwave now. I wonder why?? Ralph x

  3. Oh, dear…this is soo funny because I can see it all happening! Start to prepare a meal…walk away to do your blog, or make a phone call…so much more interesting than standing around the kitchen cooking!! Great reminder on how to burn a meal. 🙂

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