Let’s be positive together


October is POSITIVE ATTITUDE MONTH, perfect!

I love making quotes into picture quotes, see above, like you find on Facebook etc.

Now that I am an admin on a positive thinking site on facebook, I love it as much as I love blogging. I can make people happy, all around the globe, it feels so good. You know me, it gives me so much happiness and I smile all day.

The owner and founder of the page is amazing Clint Walker, who is passionate about being positive and spreading happiness, as much as I am.

He says:

“The team at Lets Be Positive Together would like to offer you a massive hug and kiss on behalf of us. Please feel totally confident to share your thoughts and opinions on our posts. We love to see you getting involved with us and being an active part of the page.

Feel passionate, feel motivated and Feel positive. Above all else remain positive. We like so many other people hold a positive state of mind in seriously high regard.”

Posting one or two selfmade quotes every morning is a pleasure, hoping it inspires others andΒ  making their day happy.

The siteΒ  is called Letsbepositivetogether, have a look in if you like, clicking on the link.

Hope you have a wonderful and happy day!

Ute xx

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  1. Hi Ute…

    thanks so much for mentioning LBPT on your blog. Since you have come along we have seen something on the page that we have never had before… some reall genuine passion. You are amazing and thank you for being part of my team πŸ™‚

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  3. I really agree with all of this… but the last quote in particular resonated with me because since I don’t have a car and my ipod recently broke, I am together with my thoughts as I walk to work in the morning. This morning, I said affirmations all the way to work and let me tell you, it was a difficult work day… but I am home now and with more energy and gratitude in my heart than one would expect after a long and busy day with toddlers. Thanks for sharing that October is Positive Attitude Month!

    Have a lovely day,

    • We all have difficult days, even when we always try and have a positive attitude, some days are hard. Good htat you have a more positive evening after work. I love my affirnations and they really do help me. Thank you very much for commenting! Hugs Ute

      • Anto thank you so much for puttin gmy blog up an dyou don’t know how wonderful I feel to be honoured like this. I have already gained so much from my blog, such happiness and fun I never expected. I can spread even more happiness now!

      • Can I just check with you as this is my first award, what do i do, make a post , answer the 5 questions in it and do i need to nominate people too?

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