Autumn bliss


After a wonderful cycle ride through the colourful trees in the countryside north of London, I regret  not taking any pictures. Nature presented itself fantasticly; Beautifully coloured leaves and trees; some autumn flowers; we saw cows, goats, rabbits, horses and and beautiful birds, singing. It was very peaceful and quiet with just nature’s voices.



We stopped near the canal in a picturesque town and watched houseboats go through the lock, chatted with the owners and then headed back through the woods.

It seems every year nature shows a new miracle when the season changes and we can only notice it and appreciate it by going out and look for its beauty.

Inhale the fresh air and feel alive!



Enjoy this Autumn!


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  1. I’m all about autumn, too! It is my favorite season. My home is decorated in autumn colors. I never get tired of the earthen-like atmosphere I’ve created within my personal space. Thanks for this reminder to get outside and ENJOY true autumn colors and breath in nature’s gifts.I’m going to take you up on that. Happy Sunday! 🙂

  2. Have been thinking the same today 🙂 Autumn all across but at least on this end, I am far away from it to bring the real stunning colours. Atleast Fresh air is in plenty and to breathe it I was surely in the woods 🙂

    Thanks Ute, have a great week ahead .

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  9. And that’s one of the reasons I take photos. So I can see what goes on around me. In the almost year i have been taking photos with a decent camera, I have noticed so many things that I would not normally have done. I have found places I didn’t know existed, And all because I look for photos

    • So through the camera you found natures beauty, good, it is worth looking at and taking pictures, doesn’t that make you happy ? It makes me smile walking seeing beautliful things!

      • It does. One time it wasn’t until looking at photos that I noticed that a pigeon was sitting on an egg 🙂 I found things not normally seen. It is impressive.

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