To my blogger friends


Four month ago I started this blog to try and see how it works and if I like it. As I am not a good writer I was a bit worried, still I posted with the intention to share my positiveness and happiness, also my  music.

It is amazing how much happiness I, myself get from blogging and reading blogs. I am enjoying it so much, I can’t live a day without looking to the reader for new items. I would have never thought possible when I started. I am having so much fun.

Even after 4 month I am still learning, how to do pictures, links, and discover more tricks every time.:-)

There are so many amazing bloggers out there with big hearts and beautiful blogs.

I am so happy to belong in this world and thank all the bloggers for their contributions.

I love reading blogs, there are interesting views, pictures from other countries, poems, quotes, heartwarming stories and it leaves me speechless sometimes.

Sometimes I read blogs then I don’tsee many more and I think, what happened to the blogger, is she/he alright. Yes they become your friends in a way, and you appreciate them, you care about them and  you want to read more blogs and enjoy and share them with the world… is like we used to have pen friends all over the world in my days when I was a teenager. Had to wait for a letter by post though, and it took a long time sometimes. With blogs , instantly, and really all over the world, it is fantastic.

I want to share some of the reccent posts from my friends which blew me away! Such beautiful words, poems, pictures… is great to find people with such big hearts out there! Love you all!


Recruiterpoets Blog

Land of Fun

oceanbounds adventures

Thanks technology for the invention of blogging!

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  1. “I am enjoying it so much, I can’t live a day without looking to the reader for new items.”

    I can totally relate to this! Glad you started blogging and glad you’re enjoying yourself! =D
    Also, you’re right about bloggers becoming friends!

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