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Kutoka Kenya – Jewellery and more


On my search for Paper bead necklaces (they are so colourful and compliment any outfit) I surfed the net and found

Kutoka Kenya

Since I found them I have had many different items from them delivered and I am so amazed and happy about the beautiful craftsmanship of the items. While you can enjoy the beauty of the items you can also help the local community in Kenya.

Excerpt from their website: (so you know what it is all about.)


Founded by Aashik and Charlotte, Kutoka Kenya brings you distinctive handcrafted products, inspired by natural materials and the vibrancy of African culture. Aashik and Charlotte have both worked in the UK fashion industry for over 7 years.
Handicrafts are a major source of employment and income for the local people in Kenya. Every item from this website has been selected and bought from local Kenyan markets. We have made a commitment to pay a fair price to the craftsmen who make our goods and to support children’s projects in their communities. Supporting poor producers enables them to use their skills and resources to trade their way out of poverty. Kutoka means ‘from’ in Swahili, this is exactly what this brand is all about.


The range of products include:

Accessories like bags, scarves, sarongs

Clothing, I got exactly this one and it is fantastic.



There are paperbead necklaces, Hematite sets ( bought this one and it looks fabulous) , other necklaces, bracelets and bangles





These are new in the collection:


Check out the website and their facebook page and join me, being a total fan of handcrafted products. They also make fantastic presents for your friends.