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Brilliant Idea!


In my holidays I stayed in a youth hostel on the Isle of Whight and there were no mirrors in the bathrooms or bedrooms, and I kept asking my teenage boys “how do I look?” Silly question, they would always say ok…

I didn’t really need a mirror as I felt good and was happy, feel good on the inside, look good on the outside.

Who needs a mirror….beauty comes from within!

On Top of the World


It is only Wednesday morning, and I have had a great start to this week, in fact I am totaly


Thank you guys, who make my life so wonderful! in and outside the internet ….




I wish others as much happiness as I feel ! Big hug to everyone!

Go out and find it, and do more of what makes you happy!



Animal Friends


We know that dogs can be best friends to humans, I haven’t got a dog but a cat called Thomas and a bearded dragon called Lilly.

Thomas loves his cuddles and belly rubs, he is a very affectionate cat.

Lilly is soon 3 years old and a very loving dragon, always eating all her greens and she likes her bath.

These are my animal friends at home and very much loved.

In the animal kingdom there are lots of animals helping each other, sharing together. I found these pictures, and just loved them:

The funny thing is, this squirrel reminds me so much of my “Steiff” Squirrel called Perry, I got when I was about 1 year old, I always loved it and even now 50 years later it still sits in my bedroom eating forever his nut, have a look for yourself.

To my blogger friends


Four month ago I started this blog to try and see how it works and if I like it. As I am not a good writer I was a bit worried, still I posted with the intention to share my positiveness and happiness, also my  music.

It is amazing how much happiness I, myself get from blogging and reading blogs. I am enjoying it so much, I can’t live a day without looking to the reader for new items. I would have never thought possible when I started. I am having so much fun.

Even after 4 month I am still learning, how to do pictures, links, and discover more tricks every time.:-)

There are so many amazing bloggers out there with big hearts and beautiful blogs.

I am so happy to belong in this world and thank all the bloggers for their contributions.

I love reading blogs, there are interesting views, pictures from other countries, poems, quotes, heartwarming stories and it leaves me speechless sometimes.

Sometimes I read blogs then I don’tsee many more and I think, what happened to the blogger, is she/he alright. Yes they become your friends in a way, and you appreciate them, you care about them and  you want to read more blogs and enjoy and share them with the world… is like we used to have pen friends all over the world in my days when I was a teenager. Had to wait for a letter by post though, and it took a long time sometimes. With blogs , instantly, and really all over the world, it is fantastic.

I want to share some of the reccent posts from my friends which blew me away! Such beautiful words, poems, pictures… is great to find people with such big hearts out there! Love you all!


Recruiterpoets Blog

Land of Fun

oceanbounds adventures

Thanks technology for the invention of blogging!

Recipe for me


I taste really good. Do you want the recipe?~~~Sudha Karpey

I cup of cheerful heart with full of love and joy,
2 cups of kindness and empathy,
3 cups of patience and understanding,
4 cups of fun and laughter,
Stir with gentleness and friendship…..
Sprinkle with hugs, kisses and Add a smile on top…
Serve with warmth and compassion……So, Yummy!!!