Simplify your Life


Simplify your Life










A friend of mine – also a life coach –  put this on his face book the other day:

“Life gets better when you SIMPLIFY !!!!!!! Remove the clutter, excess, unnecessary and everything that does not serve you well; and you will feel better. Things were meant to serve us, but these days it seems more that we serve things. Last month I went through my bank statements and decided to get rid of things I didn’t really NEED and now I have an extra $200 a month for the things I do. 🙂

Clothes that no longer fit can be given away making your closets less cluttered. Things you purchased that maybe get used once a year, but take up space; get rid of and maybe even get a few bucks for. Do you really need 6 shampoos, 100 candles, the exercise equipment that you know you won’t ever use, the stuff you picked up thinking you’d find a use for 2 years ago and haven’t? Do you really NEED a cell phone? Do you really NEED 500 channels on TV? I know this may sound scary but I’m doing this myself and am finding it very freeing!!!!!

All I’m saying is look at your life and SIMPLIFY it…. the economy isn’t going to get better and may even get a lot worse. Start preparing for your best future possible today!!!! ”










This gave me a push again, so I did start to go through my drawers, files etc.

Between files from 1997, I found this beautiful booklet, given to me by a friend at Christmas 2004 – a little book for thoughts quotes and memories….that is what is says on the front page.













I started to write clever quotes in like these:

“When you see advantages of something you must perceive the disadvantages also and vice versa. When you feel hatred and aversion, you should contemplate love and understanding. When you feel anger, use loving kindness.”

“When you think you’re not happy with your life always think that someone is happy simply because you exist.”

“When you know clearly , what you want , you’ll wake up every morning excited about life!”

“Fear less, hope more;

Eat less, chew more;

Whine less, breathe more;

Talk less, say more;

And all good things will be yours!”

–          Swedish Proverb

And finally

“True friends are only apart in distance, not in heart. Remember every good friend was once a stranger. If you truly complete the journey to your own heart, you will then find yourself in the heart of everyone else!”

…and that is all which is written in this beautiful booklet. Time to find some more inspirational quotes to fill this booklet up to re-read many times.

Anyone can give me some good ones?

I have managed to de-clutter a lot and feel really great, making room and myself happy.










How about de-cluttering your mind?

Get rid of negative, unpleasant thoughts; make room for positive, cheerful thoughts.

Get rid of unwanted memories; make room for new memories.

Get rid of destructive, angry thoughts; make room for loving, happy thoughts.

It’ll feel as good within yourself as tidying your closet.

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  3. Thank you for the link, and more importantly, thanks for the great inspiration for why to simplify. A less cluttered home is making my head and heart feel less cluttered.

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