Daily Archives: July 10, 2012

God’s Amazing World


I stumbled across those incredible pictures and wanted to share some with you.

It shows how amazing our world – we have been given to live in – is.

Do we appreciate a wonderful sunset, look at the little flowers and enjoy them, be amazed by the animals living among us?

Such beauty, often forgotten, and it can be just at our doorstep, when we see a perfectly webbed spiderweb in the mornings, a little flower trying to grow its’ though the pavement.

Look at these beautiful flowers !

a flowers


a northern lights lapland


Northern Lights in Lapland


a City of Garden Vancouver


A City of Garden Vancouver












a red eyed tree frog


A beautiful red eyed tree frog


a sunset


Incredible sunset


Thank you for opening our eyes, thank you for such beauty, thank you for this amazing world.


For more breathtaking photography have a look at this link: