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The Skill of Listening


My thought for the day!

Have you noticed that most people don’t listen properly anymore? You say someting and 5 minutes later they ask the question which you just answered.

I am not talking only about children, teenagers or parents, no anyone you start a converstion with these days.









Listening is a skill and needs attention and patience. With busy lifestyles and advanced technology the skill seems to go quickly and has to be relearnt. We are destracted too much in our fast paced world. Too many influences distract our mind. Shame.

Take a breather, slow down, relax, take your time and enjoy listening.

Isn’t it wonderful to tell a story to someone who listens attentively.

Isnt’t it wonderful to listen to an exciting story.

I love listening, you can learn a lot from listening to life stories, it brings you together, and people really appreciate a good listener. It feels good to listen as the teller feels appreciated and respected.









Check out this link about listening skills.

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