Daily Archives: June 17, 2012

Thought of the day


I love listening to people, everywhere I go.

Unfortunately it is amazing that many people rather complain than find something nice and uplifting to say. As I am a positive thinking person, seeing good in everybody and anything,  I was told: “you never give up hope?” Ok some people thrive being miserable, but hey that is not the way and it cannot make them feel so good.


When something new is going to happen, people see it sometimes with fear, it is outside their comfort zone, and so they see the future in a negative way. They won’t know how it will affect them and how they will have to react.  They will tell you this “might “ or “could” happen. Unfortunately they only come up with negative ideas.


For Example

The Olympics is just around the corner from where I live, I basically can see the stadium from my house. I personally find it all very exciting. Of course we did pay a lot of money for it and we need extra parking permits for our own cars in front of our own house. Lots of people are pretty gloomy about what might happen, when the Olympics actually start. It is a controversial subject, but I am using it at the moment as an example.

Yes, it will be crowded and probably not easy to get around for shopping or work. My answer: Think about it and think of alternative arrangements, we can always walk a bit more.



I say go with the flow, see how it is when it happens. Is it worth to get worried about something which hasn’t happened? This is unnecessary worry and will not change what will happen.



Let’s see the positive aspect:

Our whole town is being revamped, new road surfaces, houses being refurbished, more flowers on the lamp posts, new pavements, more benches. My town looks beautiful, much nicer than last year. It lifts the spirit and it is a joy living here. The town is looked after a lot more by the council (and no the council tax did not go up), more street cleaners, altogether more services.

The Olympics will only last 2 weeks, plus another 2 for the Para Olympics, so all aspects which bother people will finish after this time but the refurbishment of our area will last a lot longer. That is positive isn’t it?   Well I certainly am looking forward to it all.