Illusions – Thomas Bergersen


Thomas Bergersen – Illusions

Thomas J. Bergersen is part of the group “Two Steps from Hell” together with Nick Phoenix. They founded the group 2006. Since then they went from strength to strength with the trailer music they compose.
Thomas Bergersen originally from Norway, has released his first own album called “Illusions”, and it is just out of this world. It has 19 tracks and it takes you on a journey of different styles of music. It has taken Thomas over 3 years to complete it, as he travelled to find different influences for his music. You can clearly hear traces of folk music, the mystical voices from the Middle East, voices of Bulgarian people and lyrical woodwinds of Armenia.

He says: “the purpose was to bring all the wonderful musical wonders of the world together in a big collective hug.”




Let your imagination run wild and enjoy his music. It is a festival for your ears and you will want to listen to it again and again. Beautiful compositions, complemented with beautiful voices. In the CD sleeve Thomas put up notes for every piece he created explaining the music, why he created some and who the vocalists are. Every music lover who likes a good full orchestra will enjoy this CD to the full. My personal favourites are “Sonera” and ” Immortal”, still the whole album is a feast. I feel very passionate about this music and I like lots of people to know about it.

See the beautiful comment of the track “Gift of Life” below,

“We are surrounded by such unbelievable beauty. Life is enigmatic. Life is delicate. Life is painful. Life is inspiring. Life is love. Life is the tears we shed in joy and in sorrow. Life is magical. Life is the greatest gift!” – Thomas Bergersen.

Every piece is unique, so we have 19 different pieces of music, no similarities, no repetitions just beautifully crafted music. The beautiful voices featured on this album are: Vlasisleva Vasileva from Bulgaria, Elitsa Todorova, Norwegian singer Merethe Solvedt, Kate St. Pierre, Jenifer Thigpen with Colin O’Malley and virtuoso cellist Tina Guo.


1. Aura (7:43)
2. Starvation (4:27)
3. Dreammaker (4:18)
4. Hurt (1:43)
5. Ocean Princess (2:53)
6. Gift of Life (3:22)
7. Rada (4:23)
8. A Place in Heaven (4:16)
9. Merchant Prince (2:26)
10. Promise (4:59)
11. Femme Fatale (4:12)
12. Homecoming (2:57)
13. Immortal (4:08)
14. Remember Me (4:30)
15. Sonera (5:37)
16. Reborn (3:53)
17. Age of Gods (2:30)
18. Illusions (8:02)
19. Soulseeker (3:15)

Total duration: 79 minutes












It can be downloaded as MP3’s on Amazon, I-tunes, or the physical CD can be bought at!

There will be a new album coming Mid 2012 called “Sun” – can’t wait for it!

Love to hear from you......

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