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On February 14th, 2006  Two Steps From Hell was born. Nick Phoenix and Thomas Bergersen joined forces to write original music for movie trailers. In those short 6 years they have been featured in hundreds of movies, including some of the biggest blockbusters of recent time.

Everyone has heard their music most of us not knowingly. Their trailer music featured for films like Superman, Tron, Harry Potter, The Da Vinci Code, Twilight Saga, Narnia, Star Trek,  X Men and also series on Television like, Frozen Planet, Dr. Who, Merlin and many more. Their compositions can be heard in “Britain got talent”, the “X Factor”, “Strictly come dancing” and some football events etc. They can also be heard on the History channel quite frequently.

Here is a listing with all their albums, whereas they cannot be bought except the last two featured on this page – Invincible and Archangel.

“Our music is not sold commercially and is available for licensing only. As the style of the music is geared for movie trailers, some television and media markets, it is only available to music supervisors, editors and producers at our clients’ workplaces. Given the state of the music industry at the current moment, we find that this is the most sensible model for us. We appreciate the fans out there that love trailer music , actively participate in the various forums and send us email. Thank you so much for your comments.”









This was their first album .

This first release displays the versatility, sophistication and range of the Two Steps philosophy.










Two Steps From Hell released SHADOWS AND NIGHTMARES, unique in its artistic melding of live orchestra effects and custom sound design.










Two Steps From Hell released DYNASTY, an epic explosion from Thomas Bergersen and Nick Phoenix, featuring The Angeles Chorale and The Capellen Philharmonic Orchestra.










On July 9th, 2007, Two Steps From Hell released ALL DRUMS GO TO HELL: a furious, rhythmic explosion of drums from Thomas Bergersen and Nick Phoenix. This release features 64 tracks of percussive urgency, fantastic rhythmic artistry, massive hits and stunning rhythmic rises.










A stunning fusion of Electronica, Dark metal, Orchestra and Other-Worldly Rock. 18 original compositions from Two Steps co-founder: Nick Phoenix. Pathogen has a lot of driving electronica, but also features other-worldly rock and eerie, horror rock tracks, as well. Pathogen is set up as a listening experience, and so is not categorized. This is perhaps the most fun I’ve had as a composer, and the tracks are fun to listen to, as well.” -Nick Phoenix











21 original compositions by Two Steps co-founder, Thomas J. Bergersen. NEMESIS is all about grandeur and monumental power, but these cues are undeniably, masterful compositions. NEMESIS features the seductive voice of Norwegian Merethe Soltvedt.











Close to 100 different pieces… this huge collection of evocative music covers a lot of musical ground, with a primary focus on human emotions. Sweeping strings, beautiful angelic choirs, dramatic vocals, ethnic instruments, modern electronic elements, gorgeous sound design, all interacting in powerful synergy to provide music that is guaranteed to touch the hearts and souls of listeners all around the world.










LEGEND is an epic drama cd, and is quintessential trailer music, but manages to bring magic and  artistry to the genre. Films like Indiana Jones, Mummy 3, No Country For Old Men, WALL-E, Horton Hears A Who, Chronicles of Narnia 2, The Happening, Hellboy 2, The Hulk, Speed Racer, Jumper, and Valkyrie.










Terrifying Audio From Disturbed Minds Interspersed With Haunting Themes And Beautiful Melodies From The Criminally Insane.

Beware: Highly infectious. Use at own risk.

Ashes combines innovative new sound design with orchestral recordings. The result is a hi-fi horror/thriller release unlike any other.










A collection of orchestral music that covers styles of comedy, drama, adventure and family films, performed by the 80-piece world class Capellen Orchestra.

This album captures the true spirit of Hollywood with memorable themes, playful orchestrations and the power you’ve come to expect from Two Steps From Hell.

Composers Thomas Bergersen and Nick Phoenix once again blur the line between film-score and trailer music, and bring something fresh to the world of film advertising.




Power Of Darkness was released March 12 2010. One year in the making, it features 32 compositions recorded with the Capellen Orchestra in Czech, drums recorded in Los Angeles, various soloists from around the globe and choir recorded in Utah.












This stunning sequel to “Dreams and Imaginations” takes you on a journey through a seamless fusion of acoustic and electronic elements. Featuring 33 tracks, “Illumina” offers warm, elegant and beautiful music played by some of LA’s best string players and vocalists.  30 of the 33 tracks on the album are from Thomas Bergersen, (Nick Phoenix has written “Missing Letters”, “Rapture” and “Prelude to a Nightmare”). Because the music isn’t really typical of what Two Steps are known for they decided not to release this one to the public, but perhaps some cues will be featured on a future release.

Sit back and enjoy a different side of Two Steps.











Finally, Two Steps releases a very focused and original drones/trailer toolkit library. There is some amazing sound design in here. But “All Drones Go To Hell” takes the concept a step further and adds live cello, duduk, ney flute, irish lo whistle, electric violin and some incredible female vocalists, creating some very inspiring sound beds. Soloists include Azam Ali (300) and Tina Guo (Sherlock Holmes).










Two Steps From Hell presents “Balls To The Wall.” Epic drums and furiously pounding sound design from the depths of….. well you know where. These extraordinarily high quality sound beds have been produced by Nick Phoenix, Thomas Bergersen and Alex Pfeffer.










Two years in the making, a lifetime of inspiration.Two Steps From Hell redefine the word “Epic” with the release “NERO”. 40 new compositions from Two Steps From Hell composers Thomas Bergersen & Nick Phoenix.











Two Steps From Hell’s first publicly available album, “Invincible” features popular tracks such as “Moving Mountains”, “Hearth of Courage”, “Master of Shadows”, “Freedom Fighters” and many more. A best seller on iTunes, persisting for over a year in the top 10 list it is the most successful contemporary classical album of all time.

It is available on Audio CD on CDBaby.com, as well as digital downloads (MP3) on Amazon.com and iTunes.












“Archangel” is Two Steps From Hell’s second public album and includes other favourites such as “Mercy in Darkness”, “Titan Dune”, “Atlantis”, “Immortal Avenger” and more. It is enjoying a lot of success, and sides with the predecessor “Invincible” in the iTunes classical charts, where it at one point reached and held the 1st place position for over a week.

It is available on Audio CD on CDbaby.com, as well as digital downloads (MP3) on Amazon.com and iTunes.












Thomas Bergersen released his own album which is available on Audio CD on CDbaby.com, as well as digital downloads (MP3) on Amazon.com and iTunes.

Please see my other blog on ILLUSIONS.

The next public album from Thomas Bergersen called “SUN”is planned for mid 2012. It will have unreleased tracks from “Illumina” and “Dreams and Imaginations” on it.










06 / 2012

New orchestral album with music written by Thomas Bergersen, performed by a 120 piece orchestra and choir, conducted by Petr Pololanik, out now but unfortunaltey not for the public, it’s for motion picture advertising clients only and when TSF Heaven is released it’ll be exclusive to trailer houses for 4-5 months till it gets put on Extrememusic.com


Illusions – Thomas Bergersen


Thomas Bergersen – Illusions

Thomas J. Bergersen is part of the group “Two Steps from Hell” together with Nick Phoenix. They founded the group 2006. Since then they went from strength to strength with the trailer music they compose.
Thomas Bergersen originally from Norway, has released his first own album called “Illusions”, and it is just out of this world. It has 19 tracks and it takes you on a journey of different styles of music. It has taken Thomas over 3 years to complete it, as he travelled to find different influences for his music. You can clearly hear traces of folk music, the mystical voices from the Middle East, voices of Bulgarian people and lyrical woodwinds of Armenia.

He says: “the purpose was to bring all the wonderful musical wonders of the world together in a big collective hug.”




Let your imagination run wild and enjoy his music. It is a festival for your ears and you will want to listen to it again and again. Beautiful compositions, complemented with beautiful voices. In the CD sleeve Thomas put up notes for every piece he created explaining the music, why he created some and who the vocalists are. Every music lover who likes a good full orchestra will enjoy this CD to the full. My personal favourites are “Sonera” and ” Immortal”, still the whole album is a feast. I feel very passionate about this music and I like lots of people to know about it.

See the beautiful comment of the track “Gift of Life” below,

“We are surrounded by such unbelievable beauty. Life is enigmatic. Life is delicate. Life is painful. Life is inspiring. Life is love. Life is the tears we shed in joy and in sorrow. Life is magical. Life is the greatest gift!” – Thomas Bergersen.

Every piece is unique, so we have 19 different pieces of music, no similarities, no repetitions just beautifully crafted music. The beautiful voices featured on this album are: Vlasisleva Vasileva from Bulgaria, Elitsa Todorova, Norwegian singer Merethe Solvedt, Kate St. Pierre, Jenifer Thigpen with Colin O’Malley and virtuoso cellist Tina Guo.


1. Aura (7:43)
2. Starvation (4:27)
3. Dreammaker (4:18)
4. Hurt (1:43)
5. Ocean Princess (2:53)
6. Gift of Life (3:22)
7. Rada (4:23)
8. A Place in Heaven (4:16)
9. Merchant Prince (2:26)
10. Promise (4:59)
11. Femme Fatale (4:12)
12. Homecoming (2:57)
13. Immortal (4:08)
14. Remember Me (4:30)
15. Sonera (5:37)
16. Reborn (3:53)
17. Age of Gods (2:30)
18. Illusions (8:02)
19. Soulseeker (3:15)

Total duration: 79 minutes












It can be downloaded as MP3’s on Amazon, I-tunes, or the physical CD can be bought at CDbaby.com!

There will be a new album coming Mid 2012 called “Sun” – can’t wait for it!