Introducing Louise L. Hay


Louise L. Hay has written many books on Positive thinking and living. She is a worldwide known writer and speaker. I wanted to share her books and ideas with you!

Changing your thought pattern, believing in yourself, loving yourself and changing your attitudes will make your life positive and happy. It really works! Just reading doesn’t make a difference, apply her philosophy to your life. It helps you dealing better with stress, anger and the ups and downs in your life.

We only have one life, make it a good one!

Life is here to enjoy.

I have read her book “You can heal your life” and bought affirmation cards, her calendar, power thoughts and “Heart Thoughts”.

“Heart thoughts” is the most beautiful book I have ever seen, each page differently beautifully crafted, colourful, heart warming, you want to look in it again and again!

Excerpts from Heart Thoughts:

In order to change your life outside, you must change inside. The moment you are willing to change, it is amazing how the universe begins to help you. It brings you what you need.

What is important in this moment is what you are choosing to think, believe and say right now. These thoughts and words will create your future. Your thoughts form the experiences of tomorrow, next week, next month and next year.

Quotes from positive thinking affirmations:

The key to happiness is realizing that it is not what happens to you that matters, but it’s how you choose to respond.

You don’t have to let what others say affect you negatively. Others may say the words, but you choose your attitude!

Small summary from “You can heal your life”:

Yourself: If you are unhappy with your life and yourself, and you are willing to do some changes then this book is for you. Awareness is the first step to healing or changing. Your mind is a tool, use it to your advantage. Do mental house cleaning – out with negative thoughts and in with positive ones instead. Start loving yourself. You are unique, amazing and valued, don’t put yourself down, but love yourself as you are, feel good about yourself, enjoy looking at yourself. Train your mind, you are in control of your current thoughts, if you don’t like them, change them. Daily affirmations help, repeat them in the mornings, evenings and start believing them. Like: You are wonderful and I love you. This is one of the best days in my life. Whatever you need will come to you. I deserve the best and I accept the best now.

Past: don’t let the past hold you back. The past is gone, it cannot be changed, you learnt from it, but it is past. You live today and for the future. Release feelings of guilt, revenge and practice forgiveness.

Prosperity: You deserve to prosper, enjoy when friends invite you, accept compliments, don’t turn them down. Enjoy paying your bills, stop worrying about the money. If you pay with joy you open the free flowing channel of abundance. Treat your money as a friend, not as something you wad up and crush into your pocket. The universe is lavish and abundant and it is your right to be supplied with everything you need. Rejoice in others good fortune, open your arms and be receptive to all what the universe has to give you.


Your financial life is like a garden. If you tend a garden carefully it’s going to be a lot more beautiful than if you simply water it half heartedly now and then. Suze Orman

If you want money in your life, then you must welcome it be open to it, and treat it with respect. Your beliefs and your attitudes are what make you feel rich and free to trust yourself, knowing that you will always take the right actions with your money. Suze Orman


About Louise L. Hay:

She was born in Los Angeles to a poor mother who remarried Louise’s violent stepfather. With 5 she was raped by a neighbour, at 15 she dropped out of  school, became pregnant and with 16 gave up her newborn baby girl to be adopted.  In 1954 she married an English business man, who left her after 14 years of marriage for another woman.

She then found the church of religious Science that taught her the power of thought! She studied different authors who claimed that positive thinking could change people’s material circumstances and that the body can be healed through positive thinking. She became a popular speaker in the church and started counselling clients. This then blossomed into a career.

In 1977/78 Louise found she had cervical cancer and came to the conclusion that by holding on to her resentment for her childhood abuse and rape she had contributed to its onset. She reported how she had refused conventional treatment and put her philosophies into practice and began a regime of forgiveness, coupled with therapy, nutrition, reflexology physiotherapy and occasional enemas.  Within 6 month she was healed of cancer.

In 1976 she wrote her first book: “Heal your body”, to discuss the connection between mind and body. Followed by “You can heal your life” in 1984. These books became bestsellers. Through Louise’s healing techniques and positive philosophy, millions have learned how to create more of what they want in their lives, including more wellness in their bodies, minds and spirits, how to love themselves and healing their lives. In it, Louise explains how our beliefs and ideas about ourselves are often the cause of our emotional problems and physical maladies and how, by using certain tools, we can change our thinking and our lives for the better.

Louise now heads Hay House, a successful publishing company. What began as a small venture in the living room of her home has turned into a prosperous corporation that has sold millions of books and tapes worldwide.

Now in her 80’s she is still travelling and enjoys painting, gardening and dancing at her home in San Diego, California. (Excerpts from her website)

The above mentioned books can be bought from Amazon.

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  4. Thank you so much for this. I’m a writer from Pieterlen, Switzerland and what you’ve said
    here on couldn’t be said much better. Going through this article reminds me of my previous roommate, Willie. He persistently kept preaching about this. I will definitely send these ideas to him. Pretty sure he will have a good time reading this. I am grateful to you you for posting this.

    • Thank you so much for your lovely comment. I love Louise Hay and her books and they do give me so much. I am pleased it rings a bell with you and you will pass it on to your friend. Greetings from London to beautiful Switzerland.

  5. Mind-Body connection means that our thoughts, feelings and beliefs can positively or negatively affect our biological functioning. In other words, our minds can affect how healthy our bodies are! Rad this book in Gujarati at iMusti.

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